Basking In Your Strengths

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I have really enjoyed writing this blog over the past few weeks. Apparently, spending time being immersed in learning, using my creativity, and looking through an assortment of funny pictures makes me a happy person.

Who knew?

Well, apparently ME, had I taken the time to apply what I learned four years ago. I took something called the VIA Survey of Character Strengths, a test that measures which 5 of 24 universal strengths come most easily to you.

Four years ago I proceeded to take the test, admire the results, and then file it in the ‘where things go to die’ computer folder. (This isn’t actually what the folder is named, but I think I may have to change its name.)

Here’s the step I missed: Planning how to deliberately spend more time each day using these strengths. Dr. Martin Seligman, often called the father of Positive Psychology (and the originator of this test) recommends that you spend a half hour a day immersed in practicing your strengths. I recommend that you go further than that: bask in them. Wallow in them, even.

How simple that sounds. How infrequently we do this. And how powerful it can be when we do. Perhaps that is why I am loving blogging so much – because it allows me to use all five of my strengths:

  • Love of learning
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality/ sense of purpose
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Humor

When I was feeling a bit down a few times during the past week, I thought I would see if using my strengths would help. I tried the following things: I read an article about something interesting, I meditated, and I took some pictures of nature. Sure enough, these were quick, easy, and action-oriented ways of getting out of a funk.

Want to take the test?

Go to the VIA Character Strengths Profile website to take a 120-question test to find your strengths. They offer three options for viewing them – one of them free.

So go take the test. Then let me know what your experience is like when you spend less time doing what is difficult, and more time doing what comes more easily.

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