Inner Wisdom for Taking Action

Join Lisa Dugdale and Monica Canfield-Lenfest in June 2017 (TBD) for an experiential workshop. We offered this workshop on March 26th, 2017, and will be offering it again later.

The cost of this two hour workshop is $50, and you are welcome to register up to the day of or bring a check to the workshop. We have a few half-price spots reserved if you can’t afford the full cost – email Lisa at lisa @ if you are interested.

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Workshop Description


Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and confused during this time in our history, and don’t quite know what to do. So we think and we research, or we just get overwhelmed and don’t do anything.

What if the answers to our questions can be found outside of our analytical minds? By tapping into the wisdom of your body and intuitive knowledge, you can access a deeper level of wisdom that will make your next steps clear.

Join us for an afternoon workshop to learn and experience ways to get clear and tap into this guidance in a down-to-earth and fun way.  We’ll share a range of tools including guided meditation, experiential practices, and body-based practices

You’ll leave with a set of tools and practices to help you easily tune into your own innate wisdom to navigate these ever changing and choppy waters, and a list of resources to continue your learning.


We’ll meet at Threshold, a beautiful event space in near east Madison – 2717 Atwood Avenue.

About Us:

Monica Canfield-Lenfest is a teacher and intuitive healer committed to creating a more just and sustainable world. She recognizes the power of cultivating deeper consciousness as a tool for taking action.

Lisa Dugdale is a facilitator and coach who has trained with Martha Beck Institute. She believes that learning to be still and listen for wisdom and guidance that is already present in our lives is a practice that could benefit all of us.