Wanting Vs. Allowing

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Wanting Vs. Allowing

As I launch this website and blog, I was thinking that I should put it out to the universe that I wanted additional clients (and that the website should help make that happen).

If I am excited enough about something, I am really good at making it appear. So it’s a pretty good bet that if I did ask for more clients, they would begin to appear inexplicably in ways that would make for some pretty amazing stories.

But then I thought “NO – that’s not the approach I would like to take”. Instead I want to put it out to the universe that I am allowing the space for new clients, if that’s what would be most helpful to me now. It’s a small word difference, but an important one.

Wanting has a demanding energy, a needy energy. It is focused on scarcity and lack.

Allowing has an accepting energy, an energy that flows.  It leaves room for magic and for synchronicity – for the unexpected.

If I decide that my time should be filled with coaching clients, it closes off the possibility that what I really need for my business right now isn’t more coaching clients. It could be that I would be better off spending more time putting the finishing touches on this website, or strengthening potential partnerships for the consulting part of the business. Declaring that I WANT more clients feels too directive, and like there is a good chance it might not get me what is best for my business right now. So I am letting that go, and I am trusting that if I ask for what is best for me and the business right now, that is exactly what will appear.