I’m Lisa, a coach and consultant located in Madison, WI. I love working with people who are dedicated to doing good work in the world. I help them see what is possible for themselves and the organizations they work with, and work with them to give practical tools and practices to get there. Because I believe inner and outer transformation are linked, I work on shifting both inner beliefs and practices, as well as outer structures that support healthy lives and organizations.

Work With Me

  • Click on Individuals to learn more about life coaching and workshops for individuals. If you are looking for help in charting a path towards your vision, finding a skillful way of dealing with a difficult situation, or learning more about your strengths, coaching can help.
  • Click on Organizations to find out what I offer to organizations. My coaching, consulting and training can help your organization grow what is working well and shift what isn’t. Meeting coaching and facilitation services can help you make your meetings more engaging, participatory, and effective. I also offer leadership coaching to people in organizations to understand their strengths and conflict styles better, learn new leadership skills, and address job challenges.