What Free Candy Can Tell You About the Universe

Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on What Free Candy Can Tell You About the Universe

CandyRecently I was at a tourist attraction with friends, and I happened to be feeling anxious about money. A particularly silly kind of anxious – our hotel had given me a voucher to the hotel restaurant because of mechanical troubles in the room, and I didn’t know if I would be able to use it before I left. Yes, I was feeling anxious about if I would be able to use FREE money.

Five minutes after arriving, my camera ran out of batteries, and I went to the small gift shop to buy overpriced replacements. While I was there, a Starburst candy bar caught my attention, but the $2 felt like too much, especially for an unhealthy snack. But wow did it ever look good. When I returned 10 minutes later to the gift shop with my friends, the cashier inexplicably asked if any of us could identify a quote hanging on the wall. Three of us did, and she told us “Congratulations – you get a free candy bar.” Mm, hm. Of course. Nothing weird about that at all.

Chatting to a friend a few minutes later while chewing on a Starburst, it suddenly hit me: What if it was as easy to create something big in the the world as it was to make a free candy bar appear? What if? There have been many amazing small things that have appeared in my universe, and this felt like a sign that perhaps I am ready to allow larger things to appear.